The Reiki for Military Program
Significant Others

Long Hours away from your Partner.
High Stress.
Deployment Stress.
Insomnia or sleep difficulties.

Unstable and Unreliable Schedule.
Moving Frequently.
Playing "single parent" for months at a time.
Supporting a partner with PTSD.

Limited Healthcare Providers.

Regardless of whether you're a long-time spouse, partner with children, or a fairly-new girlfriend/boyfriend, being a military significant other is really tough. Not seeing your partner for months at a time, doing the long distance thing, dealing with crazy schedules and frequent moves to unknown lands (or states) is stressful! Don't get me wrong, it's crazy rewarding, too. But hard as anything you will ever do. RFM provides services and support specifically with you in mind.

Not legally a spouse? No worries, we don't care. If you are connected to and supporting a service member, our services are for you.

For Mental Stress , we recommend...

Also, we provide...