The Reiki For Military Program

Reiki is a gentle touch energy therapy that helps balance the energy in the body, reducing stress and cultivating a feeling of wellbeing. Studies show it's beneficial for the reduction of stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, physical pain, the symptoms of PTSD, and reducing healing times after injuries or surgeries.

Reiki is most commonly used for stress management. This is incredibly important as studies have shown that over 60% (some experts say over 90%) of all diseases are caused, at their root, by stress! Reiki is used worldwide. In the U.S. Reiki is becoming more commonplace in private practices, clinics, hospitals, and hospices for it's amazing therapeutic effects. 

For an even deeper relaxation and therapeutic experience, add in the Biomat to your Reiki session.

Session Length: 1 hour
Cost: $45
Cost w/ Biomat: $55
Provided by: Farrah, Alicia, Deborah, Melissa
Location: In Office

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