The Reiki For Military Program
Hannah Riley

Hannah Riley - Public Relations

Hannah went to school for English and Writing at Eastern CT State University. She taught herself how to do silk screening, and loves it, as well as her two fully Chihuahuas. Her mother is a Special Education teacher, and her dad is a volunteer fire chief in the South Eastern Connecticut area.

"I'm really fortunate that I come from a home where compassion is second nature"

In addition to working with RFM and several other local small businesses, Hannah is a barista. She is deeply connected in her local community, where she has lived her whole life, the last 6 years of which she has spent in New London. She met her soon-to-be-husband working in a pizza shop her very firs summer in New London.

She loves art, music, and photography, and is passionate about booking and promoting local bands (most notably, and closest to her heart, her fiancée's band).

"I'm also super into clean and healthy eating, cooking, and exercising... It saves me from anxiety!"